AFN Announces Reduction in Broadcast Services

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AFN Announces Reduction in Broadcast Services

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In the event of a federal government shutdown, the American Forces Network (AFN) will implement a temporary reduction in its broadcast services on a global scale. While the commitment to support U.S. servicemembers and military families overseas remains unwavering, it is crucial to note that there will be significant adjustments to the information and programming available during this period.

In the event of a U.S. government shutdown, there will be staffing constraints that necessitate the reduction of AFN’s television service from its usual array of eight channels to a single channel, namely AFN News. Furthermore, the streaming service, AFN Now, will continue to broadcast the programming of AFN News to ensure that important information reaches its intended audience.

Similarly, AFN Radio services will be streamlined to just one channel, AFN The Eagle, during this period. The radio streaming app, AFN Go, will align its broadcasts with AFN The Eagle to ensure continuity of content. Across the globe, AFN Eagle radio stations will persist in serving their overseas military communities.

The AFN broadcast service known as Direct-To-Sailor will also be scaled down to one television channel, AFN News, and a single audio channel, AFN The Eagle.

It is important to acknowledge the significance of AFN’s skilled workforce, as they play a critical role in providing U.S. military audiences stationed abroad with access to stateside news, sports, and entertainment programming. AFN’s programming, news updates, and information are recognized by U.S. military commanders as being vital to national security, morale, and readiness. The AFN team takes immense pride in their more than 80 years of dedicated service to America’s military personnel.

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FAQ:  AFN Announces Reduction in Broadcast Services

1. Why is AFN reducing its broadcast services?

  • AFN is temporarily reducing its broadcast services in the event of a federal government shutdown due to staffing constraints and budget limitations.

2. When will the reduction in services occur?

  • The reduction will take place during a federal government shutdown. The specific timing will depend on government actions.

3. What channels will still be available during the reduction?

  • AFN television service will be reduced to one channel, AFN News. AFN Now will simulcast AFN News. AFN Radio will have one channel, AFN The Eagle, with AFN Go aligning its broadcasts with AFN The Eagle.

4. Will this reduction affect overseas military communities?

  • AFN Eagle radio stations worldwide will continue providing service to overseas military communities.

5. Why is AFN’s programming important to the military?

  • AFN’s programming, news, and information are considered crucial to national security, morale, and readiness by U.S. military commanders.

6. How long will this reduction last?

  • The duration of the reduction will depend on the length of the government shutdown. AFN will resume its full broadcast services when the government is operational again.

7. Can I access AFN broadcasts online during the reduction?

  • Yes, AFN Now will continue to provide AFN News programming online.

8. How can I stay updated on AFN’s services during this period?

  • You can visit AFN’s official website and social media channels for updates and further information.

9. Is there any way to provide feedback or get in touch with AFN during the reduction?

  • AFN’s contact information, including email and phone numbers, will remain available for inquiries and feedback.

10. What is AFN’s history of service to the military?

  • AFN has a proud history of more than 80 years, providing essential broadcast services to America’s military personnel stationed overseas. This commitment continues during the reduction, albeit with adjusted programming.

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