Satellite receivers dump flash files download

Satellite receivers dump flash files download

Dump/Flash Files of China Digital Satellite Receivers
A dump file or Flash file is a boot information data with software/program of an electronic device which is located at EEPROM or Flash IC or Memory IC of that device. The main processor/Microcontroller retrieves the information from memory ic when it is power on to know how to work/boot.

A satellite receiver flash dump file, also known as a firmware or software dump, is a file that contains the programming code for the operating system and user interface of a satellite receiver. The satellite receiver is a device that receives signals from a satellite and decodes them into audio and video content.

The flash dump file is typically stored in the memory of the satellite receiver. You can extract it using specialized software tools. This file can be used to restore or update the firmware of the satellite receiver.

Satellite receiver flash dump files can be specific to particular models and manufacturers of satellite receivers, and they may be available for download from the manufacturer’s website or from third-party sources. It’s important to use the correct flash dump file for your particular receiver model and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when performing a firmware update or restore.

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  • 1 Dump OST-GX6605-AV2018-V02 with Loader Tool Download
  • 2 Dump Gx6605s-5815-V4.1 Download
  • 3 Dump AZ SANY DVB-S2 S2S NS132-M01-V2.0(S2) Download
  • 4 Dump NEOSAT 550HD SUPER SPHE1506G-V1.9 Download
  • 5 Dump EL-8888HD sphe1506g v1.9 4MB Download
  • 6 Dump SP210-1506C-V3.6-EL_8MB Download
  • 7 Dump Openbox X33 Sp210 1506C v3.6 Download
  • 8 Dump Neosat-9900_ HD sphe1506g-v1.6 Download
  • 9 Dump NEOSAT-660D 1506C-AV2018    Download
  • 10 Dump Echolink-8880_GX6605s Download
  • 11 Dump ECHOLINK-990D_SIM_8MB Download
  • 12 Dump PROTOCOL-1506C DDR2 DC+ RF_4MB Download
  • 13 Dump Samtel 4000 Galaxy Download
  • 14 Dump Samtel-6000HD Download
  • 15 Dump SAMTEL 7000 Galaxy_MPEG4_M3105D AV2012 Download
  • 16 Dump Samtel-8000 Plus      Download
  • 17 Dump_ SAMTEL_ 9000_3D_HD_WIFI Download
  • 18 Dump Samtel ST- 2080_FTA     Download
  • 19 Dump SAMTEL ST- 2800_ FTA Download
  • 20 Dump SAMTEL ST-2666 s5815 S    Download
  • 21 Dump Samtel SL999_ALI3601S Download
  • 22 Dump Samtel SL1100_ALI3601S Download
  • 23 Dump Samtel_HS1024_3001       Download
  • 24 Dump Tiger O5 HD_BOARD HS1032-6001-01(B) Download
  • 25 Dump Neosat 550 HD SHG51Ver3.0 Download
  • 26 Dump 1506C-DDR2.AV2018.V1.6 Download
  • 27 Dump 1506C_DDR2_AV2018_V1.7 Download
  • 28 Dump ALI3510A sw FTA200DELUXHD_2 WIFI Download
  • 29 Dump ALI3510A sw FTA200DELUXHD_2 Without WIFI      Download
  • 30 Dump OST-GX6605-P53B 4mb Download
  • 31 Dump Sat Track_Aero_Plus 4mb Download
  • 32 Dump FIVE SAT GALAXY 6000HD MPEG4 Model GN428 Download
  • 33 Dump OST S1506C 2018 D2 V1.4 8mb Download
  • 34 Dump gxss1b ver3.1 4mb Download
  • 35 Dump Sat Track Click 1 Plus 4mb Download
  • 36 Dump Echolink HD SIM EL-10000 8Mb Download
  • 37 Dump 3510c Hw 102.02.999 Download
  • 38 Dump Echolink Bluecam EL-70D GX6605S Download
  • 39 Dump Star track- 750 HD Platinium Download
  • 40 Star Track-7000 Super RF Pin MPEG4_ M3105D_AV2018 Download


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